Freeline Holding Sdn Bhd

Freelineholding plays a vital role in the business in numerous ways. We supply to major supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesalers and traditional markets in Malaysia.

This includes importing fresh fruits and vegetables from Malaysia, becoming exclusive agent and sole distributor in Malaysia.

We have a 24-hour centralized cold room with computerized controlled temperature to keep each fruit fresh before it send to our customers. We also have dedicated and reliable delivery team to provide door to door delivery services.

For Wholesale rates please contact:

+603 33580040+6017673 9733

Freelineholding are one of the leading Mango importer of the leading Mango processor and Mango importer in Malaysia. We are dealing in almost all the types of mango’s grown in Malaysia. Sindhri, Langra, Doshehri, Chaunsa, Kali Seroli, Bagan pali, Swarnarika, and Neelum.

Freelineholding is the importing company of Malaysia which has successfully shipped fresh mango in Excellent conditions from Malaysia.

This delicious fruit is nutritionally superior, source of several vitamins and minerals. Malaysia produces 5.86 percent world’s mangoes being the third largest producer. Its export is progressing resulting into substantial foreign exchange earnings. 

It is believed that the demand would rise to as high as 50 percent given the right impetus and expanding the export to Germany, Japan China and Hong Kong.

Malaysian Mango is one of the most delicious products in the world, which is being exported in large quantities from Malaysia by air and to the gulf by sea in reefers Containers.